Knowledge Translation

Knowledge translation (KT) involves closing the gap between "what we know" and "what we do". We believe that early and ongoing collaboration is the key to ensuring the translation of research into better care, whether it takes the form of improved treatment protocols or simply a new common understanding. 

Here are just a few of our ongoing KT initiatives:

  • Patient Advisory Committees - each of OBI's Integrated Discovery programs has a Patient Advisory Committee. The Committees are key to ensuring the exchange of knowledge between the research programs and the community. Each Committee has representation from the Integrated Discovery program, patients and their advocates, and caregivers. 
  • Public talks & videos - we like to host public events with interesting speakers. Visit our Events page to see upcoming events or our YouTube channel to see past events.
  • Communications - visit our Media Coverage page to learn about the stories we are telling.
  • KT training - we offer knowledge translation training to the groups that we work with. 
  • Reports - the OBI regularly produces interesting - and we hope actionable - reports. See our Reports section for more information.
  • Knowledge synthesis, dissemination and implementation - we believe that a publication is a key first step in translating information. But there is often much work between "say/knowing" and "doing". Much of our work to-date has focused on a knowledge synthesis we commissioned on the role of physical activity in the prevention and management of Alzheimer's disease. We have been working to actively disseminate this knowledge and are currently piloting a new physical activity toolkit for dementia, which will be implemented through the Alzheimer Society's Minds in Motion® pilot program and available in memory clinics across Ontario. 
  • Talk and Listen tours - we conduct tours across Ontario to tell people what we are doing, and to learn about neuroscience excellence, opportunities, and issues across the province. See our Events section to learn about our next Talk and Listen tour.

If you have any questions about our KT activity, don't hesitate to contact us: