Our Approach

The Power of a Catalyst

The elements are all here. 

Ontario is already rich in research talent. Our clinical and patient advocacy resources are outstanding. And we have a strong business and manufacturing base.
Our task is to be a catalyst: to bring those elements together, and to support and enable the kind of interaction that releases energy and produces innovation in brain-related care. 

We pursue this task through four core initiatives with an overarching goal of building partnerships and catalyzing knowledge translation:

  • High-impact translational programs such as our Integrated Discovery programs – Orchestrating calls for proposals, hosting province-wide workshops, reviewing research proposals, granting and managing funds, and overseeing the ongoing performance management of research outcomes. 
  • Centralized patient information systems referred to as Brain-CODE (Centre for Ontario Data Exploration) – Managing the development, implementation, operation, and accessibility of a ground-breaking, cross-disorder databank of brain research across Ontario. 
  • Mechanisms to engage and support industry including Commercialization – Managing projects that focus on the final stages of bringing lab discovery to the marketplace.
  • Training and Entrepreneurship – Initiatives involving the mentoring of young entrepreneurs and training opportunities to develop managerial skills

We also catalyze discovery through the following means…

  • Governance and Partnerships - Managing our corporate governance components, such as our Board of Directors, Industry Advisory Council, and Science Advisory Council; and developing and managing partnerships with Canadian and international organizations that both enhance and further the mission of OBI.
  • Knowledge Translation and Outreach - Generating awareness of the OBI’s activities in conventional media, social media, and among key stakeholders (e.g., universities, hospitals, public, patient advocacy groups, etc.).
  • Fundraising – The OBI works with institutions to fund platforms for discovery. These partner contributions strengthen partnerships and provide increased resources to enhance the scope of the research programs. 
  • Accountability - Meeting the requirements of the agreement between the OBI, the Ministry and other stakeholders on all facets of our activity – including monitoring and reporting on outcomes outlined in the agreement. See our policies and procedures here
  • Leverage – Utilizing the people and infrastructure resources already existing in Ontario as a result of previous provincial and federal investments in Ontario research and development.